We source our products for export from Own Company farms and Contracted out growers.

Company Farms

Our fruits are cultivated according to the principles of Good Agricultural Practices. No pesticides, synthetic fertilizers are applied to the crops, as we always practice organic farming and natural pest and disease management practices. Our fruits are harvested when it is at its prime and in the best condition for supply to export markets. We do dedicate fruit maturity testing, farms are finally cleared for harvest and the experienced staff from our harvest team enter to carefully pick the fruit for immediate delivery into the packing facility.

Our Out growers

We have selected and contracted farmers from Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda who we support through: 

• Providing a stable and sustainable market.

• Mutually negotiating and agree on competitive prices.

• Providing technical support to enhance quality and quantity through capacity building, and periodic visits by our technical staff.

• Facilitating access to wide range of facilities and services from the government and development partners.

• Creating a platform for communication and consultation.

• Prompt updates on emerging issues.



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