Biofarms Limited is a leading medium commercial growers and exporters of premium vegetables and fruits from Kenya. At Biofarms, we produce, package and supply premium quality for the international export market at scale and level of service that matters. 

BIOFARMS LTD has built a strong name in the Kenyan fresh export market, continuously investing in quality assurance, modern facilities, technology and highly qualified team. We strive to exceed customer expectation in all dimensions. At Biofarms Ltd we say “quality is everything and everything is about quality” and therefore we;

• Preciously nurture each crop to give consumers the very best while caring for the environment
• Go the extra mile to ensure the highest operational efficiency and expediency for a unique customer experience
• Invest in expertise and uphold professionally at all levels 
• Uphold clients relations, integrating business processes for mutually beneficial strategic advantage in the market place
• Embrace long-term collaboration keeping to contractual commitment in volumes and prices

We have what it take to satisfy and exceed our clients and fresh produce and vegetable dealer’s expectation. At Biofarms Ltd, we redefine quality and efficiency in all sense.



We are Global GAP certified, licensed as an exporter by the Horticultural Crops Directorate of Kenya, and our products are inspected, cleared and issued with phytosanitary certificates by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS).